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1) Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.  That will answer
many common questions.

2) Buy a bag of food.  This is in your contract. Please do not wait until last minute to order.  It can take a few days to arrive at your house.  Your puppy will need the proper food when returning home.  He or she should NOT be switched over to another food unless it is gradually over a few weeks time.  Remember, my genetic health warranty requires that the puppy remain on this food for the 
entirety of the 2 years. 

3) If you decide to crate train (and we highly recommend that you do) you will
need to borrow or buy a crate.  A large crate will allow your puppy to use the
crate as a den for life.  A 24" crate, measured front to back, is perfect for
your little one for the first few months.  We suggest that you use a few old
bath towels until the pup is about 6 months old because golden pups can be serious chewers and beds will become a chew toy.

4) You need a food and water bowl.  We like the non-tip metal bowls and
always remove any rubber ring from the bottom.

5) Chew toys are essential.  Both Kong and Nylabone toys have stood up to
the abuse that our own dogs have given them.  Any toy, especially those that have stuffing or are made of softer rubber or plastic should always be used only when the puppy is directly supervised.  We feel that rawhide is dangerous for pups.

6) Get a hypoallergenic shampoo. Life's Abundance has a great option.  Learn more about it here.  Otherwise a baby shampoo works well.

7)  You will eventually want a small collar and leash however I do not recommend using them right away.  Puppies are often nervous about their new  surroundings and putting a collar on them will just add anxiety.

8) Schedule an appointment with your vet for the puppies second round of 
vaccinations. Next round of shots will be due around 11 weeks old.

9)  When it is time to pick up your puppy the balance will be due.  We only accept CASH for the balance.  We do NOT accept credit cards or checks.  You will be given a receipt at that time.

10) Please download the following documents and read them over carefully.  I recommend making a puppy file to put all your puppies' paperwork in.  Please bring any questions with you to your puppy appointment.

24 Month Health Warranty

I will have a copy of this printed when you come to pick up your puppy.

Important Information

Tips, reminders about the first few days and housebreaking instructions.

Hip Dysplasia Document

Important information on how we stack the odds against this disease.

Getting Ready for Puppy: Files
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