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Current Litter Information

I have no litters planned until 2021.  Please fill out our notification form if you would like to be added to our list to be notified when I have a litter planned.


Put Down a Deposit

Please check with me before putting down a deposit to make sure there is a puppy or spot available for you.  
This deposit holds your place in the picking order.  Please make sure to fill out our deposit form as well and send to me via email or snail mail.


We send our puppies home on Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food.

Why Choose Life's Abundance?

  • Quality Ingredients Matter

Life's Abundance uses only quality ingredients from carefully 
selected suppliers.

  • Freshness Matters

Sometimes your pet store food can sit on a shelf or warehouse over 18 months before being consumed.   Life's Abundance is guaranteed fresh.  It matters to us that our puppies are fed a food that is fresh and that our puppies' families can all have access to that food whether they live in rural New York or urban Boston.

  • Safety Matters

After having family personally suffering from a contaminated food that poisoned one of their pups, an adult dog and their son and not getting information about the recall until it was too late to help, we are glad to know that Life's Abundance has high quality standards.

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